The EB1A visa is a great option for people with extraordinary abilities in the arts, sciences, business, education, or athletics.

With an EB1A visa, you can get your green card without a job offer from a US company.  And, because the EB1A visa is eligible for premium processing, your application can be reviewed in just 15 days.

To get an EB1A visa, you need to prove to USCIS that you have an extraordinary ability, and that you will continue to work in your field of extraordinary ability upon coming to the United States.

Extraordinary ability means just that. You are one of the select few people who have risen to the very top of your field. There are many ways of proving extraordinary ability, such as receiving major awards in your industry, receiving a very high salary compared to others in your field, and other such factors (these will be discussed in detail below).



The EB1A classification is an immigrant visa so it qualifies you, your spouse, and children for a green card.

Also, With the EB1A visa, you do not need a US job offer or a Labor Certification.